It’s A Slow News Day: Wild Cat Interrupts Weather Forecast [VIDEO]

If you needed any more proof that the Univision offices have descended into chaos, this bit of magic is for you.

Does it matter that Univision is the largest Spanish-language television station in the world? No, it doesn’t.

Does it make a difference that Univision is the only station that airs nonstop telenovelas 52 weeks of the year? Nope.

You could produce all the episodes of “Sabado Gigante” in the world, but that is no excuse for letting wild baby cats run through your weather report. Truly, this is irresponsibility at its worst.

Take this completely plausible situation as an example of what can happen when feral baby cats are allowed to run wild.

Weathercaster: (Translated from Spanish) “There is a freak volcano storm approaching New York City in 10 minutes, evacuate now!”

John Q. Public: “Whoa, look at that wild baby cat running through this typical weather forecast. Boy, I sure am distracted right now.”

A pox on you Univision, a pox on you baby cat.