BREAKING: Kurt Hugo Schneider Joins Smosh and Partners With Alloy Digital

Big news coming out of the YouTube-o-sphere today: Digital media company and video network Alloy Digital has announced a partnership with musician and producer Kurt Hugo Schneider. Known globally for his heart-wrenching melodies and overall dreaminess, Schneider has rapidly become one of YouTube’s premiere producers.

Schneider won’t be alone among Alloy Digital’s roster of top YouTube talent; in July 2011, the network purchased YouTube channel SMOSH. Alloy Digital and SMOSH went on to develop Shut up! Cartoons, which currently holds the #1 spot for sub gains.

Alloy Digital knows pro YouTube talent when they see it, as two of their channels — Smosh and ClevverTV — have hit well over the 1-billion view mark. Schneider’s channel is still building to that 1-billion benchmark, but as Alloy’s previous track record shows, Schneider can only rise from here.


Barry Blumberg, EVP of Alloy Digital explained, “Kurt has done an amazing job building out his brand, developing artists and making great content and we look forward to working closely with him and helping to take his career to the next level.”

“Alloy has a great track record helping content creators maximize their potential,” said Schneider. “I’m excited to work with Alloy on new opportunities to expand my brand and offer great new content for my fans.”

Looking forward to Smosh and Kurt Hugo Schneider collaborations in the future? Let us know what you think below, and don’t forget to check out our past in-depth interviews with both Smosh and Kurt Hugo Schneider. Also, you didn’t hear it from me, but there may or may not be an interview with frequent Schneider collaborator Sam Tsui coming to NMR very soon.


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