Laina aka Overly Attached Girlfriend Uses Her Viral Bieber Video Formula for Samsung

Those huge, stalkeriffic eyes are coming back for more. Samsung has recruited Laina aka the Overly Attached Girlfriend to personify their passive-agressive Overly Attached Computer for the company’s latest, soon-to-be-viral ad.

The video quality looks similar to the insanely viral video for Justin Bieber’s sing-off contest that catapulted her to internet stardom last June, except this time she is staring at the screen from a constantly changing and dynamic background.

We asked Laina (now signed with Big Frame) how it felt recreating her famous video for Samsung, and this is what she had to say:

“It was a lot of fun creating this video with Samsung. I feel good about it. I definitely thought about it first and decided that, if I’m going to do an ad, this was the best way to do it – staying true to my original voice. Plus as soon as I heard about the idea I was very excited about it and thought it was hilarious!”

The Overly Attached Computer wants you, the computer user, to “love me again” and buy Samsung’s new SSD (solid-state drive). She raps: “Remember all the things we shared? Illegal downloads. I didn’t care. I kept them safe in here for you and played them when you asked me to. I’d hate to see you get all heated if suddenly they got deleted.”

Well, with those really big eyes and those veiled threats that make her so adorable, we can’t say no to a new hard drive, now would we?