Maker Studios To Receive $40 Million Investment From Time Warner

Recently, YouTube networks have begun shedding their “start-up” skin for something resembling multi-million dollar entertainment studios.

Earlier this year, Google invested in gamer-centric YouTube network Machinima to the tune of $35 million, while several other networks are rumored to have received up to six-figure investments from private financiers.

Maker Studios is joining the YouTube gold rush with the help of Time Warner. Finalizing one of the biggest independent network investments ever, Time Warner is rumored to be shelling out $40 million to Maker Studios.

All Things D’s Peter Kafka estimates that after this round of funding Maker should be at least a $200 million company, which seems accurate especially as Maker is comScore’s top ranked YouTube network.

Maker houses some of YouTube’s top talent including Lewis & Simon of The Yogscast, YouTube comedian KassemG, and Maker Studios co-founder Shaycarl.

This good news for the Los Angeles-based YouTube network couldn’t come at a better time especially as the studio recently took a big hit after losing YouTube’s most-subscribed creator Ray William Johnson.

Another day, another multi-million YouTube deal made. It looks like the once niche digital video industry is quickly becoming a formidable opponent in the cage match that is entertainment media. As this round of funding closes for Maker, expect to see big updates from the studio as Danny Zappin CEO of Maker told us in an interview, “We’re continuing to grow our network of channels, signing talented creators, as well as developing new compelling O&O programming.”

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