Making Your Videos Go Viral Is Easy — Just Pay Buyral To Do It For You

What do all viral videos have in common? They’re all bullshit. That’s right — all of them are fakes, and we have proof. Lurking right under our noses is an ominous video black market where, for the right price, online video creators can reach viral fame.

Online kingmaker Buyral has the secret to getting hundreds of millions of clicks in a matter of days. All you have to do is pay them to click your video hundreds of millions of times a day. It doesn’t matter if your video is brilliant, boring, or just terrible; Buyral will make sure your horrifying parody video will climb the online video charts, if such things even exist.

Created by ad agency John St. — the same guys who made 2011’s “Catvertising,” which announced the first ever all-cat production studio — “Buyral – Professional Clicking” is a painfully shrewd sendup of the many crooked “buy YouTube views for $9.99” sites out there.

YouTube stardom here I come.