Mike Diva on Directing his First YouTube Scary Film, ‘Proxy: A Slender Man Story’

Mike Diva may be known more for being the man behind the insanely colorful viral videos “Sexy Sax Man” and “DOGSTEP!” but his video-directing skills have taken a more ominous, creepy turn with his latest YouTube video “Proxy: A Slender Man Story.”

This nine-minute film follows a young man named Vince as he worries about a dark, slender and shadowy figure following him around that no one else can see. His obsession with finding out about the Slender Man consumes him to the point that it threatens his relationship with his girlfriend.

Diva told NMR that he’s been collaborating with BlackBoxTV since he met with the channel’s founder Anthony Zuiker at VidCon last June. As for the month-long process in making his first film for BlackBoxTV, he says, “What took the longest was actually the editing process, since I had to cut the short down to 8 minutes from an original 18 minutes.”

Diva said that in addition to “Slender Man,” he’ll be working on his next project with BlackBoxTV, which he calls a “found-footage type” film. Watch “Proxy: A Slender Man Story” below.


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