Mozilla’s Free Popcorn Maker App: Remix Your Videos the Easy Way

We often watch videos without ever fully understanding the context of what we’re watching. Mozilla seems to have a solution for creators wanting to remix videos with content from the web and social media sites.

Today, they launched their free Popcorn Maker app during the Mozilla Festival in London. This app makes it simple for the average video user to remix their videos and doesn’t require knowledge in HTML, Javascript or coding. Users can pull anything from the web and incorporate it into their videos.

This is their first full release of the app. Last year, they released a beta app called Popcorn.js, which has a similar purpose to Popcorn Maker.

In a blog post, they wrote: “A year ago at last year’s Festival, we released Popcorn.js 1.0, and with it a way for filmmakers, journalists, artists, and bloggers to integrate audio and video into web experiences. Popcorn has since become one of the most popular ways to build time-based media experiences for the web. It has proven to be uniquely powerful for bespoke web demos, films, visualizations, etc.”

For instance, if you wanted to add a link, embed an article, Twitter reactions, Wikipedia article pop-ups or a photo into videos, Popcorn Maker makes it possible to annotate videos to make the viewing experience more interactive for viewers and add much needed context.

Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker would be ideal for novice and casual film editors who have yet to grasp the complexities of Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. This tool is useful if a YouTube or Vimeo video exists, so editing raw footage is pretty much impossible. But if you want to make your existing video more appealing and interactive, then Popcorn Maker is your answer.

Watch this short video below to a get a glimpse at how Popcorn Maker can work for creators.