Must Watch: Ghost Elevator Prank Scares Up 5,000,000 Views On YouTube

In my line of work I don’t get to write about elevators much. They’re not “good new media content” mostly. But damn if the Brazilians don’t pull off one hell of a scary elevator prank. To give you an idea of just how scary a prank this is, the video has already pulled in 5,000,000 views on YouTube. In just two days.

As I watch (and try not to give too much away), I think about how I’d react if i were stuck in what I thought was a malfunctioning elevator complete with flickering lights. Already I’d be panicked and claustrophobic, fanning myself with my hand and going, “Lawd, lawd, lawd” (I talk like a sassy black lady when I’m scared). By the time the ghost showed up, I’d be sobbing and hurling my diarrhea at it.

How that little girl doesn’t feel a measure of sympathy for her victims — ice water in the veins, man … that or … she’s a real g-g-ghost!



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