Must-Watch: PBS Video Debates The Impact of Twitter on Journalism

Even though people are getting their news more conveniently than ever thanks to the Internet and social media, it hasn’t helped newsrooms worldwide. They’re smaller than ever and are trying to adapt to an audience that wants more information than ever.

But satisfying that constant wave of information isn’t enough. Craig Kanalley, senior editor of big news and live events at the Huffington Post, asks these questions about the state of journalism in the latest PBS Digital Studio “Off Book” YouTube video: “One of the problems for journalists is how do we stand out? How do we get our journalism and good journalism float to the top?”

It seems that Twitter and other social media sites are strongly influencing the future of journalism. PBS Digital Studio’s “Off Book” series released its latest video titled “The Impact of Twitter on Journalism” where experts talk about finding ways to bring engaging, interesting content forward using social media sites like Twitter.

The YouTube video is produced by Kornhaber Brown, who is also a producer on the PBS Idea Channel web series.

Watch journalism experts extol the values of Twitter and also discuss the challenges facing journalism thanks to the increasing influence of the microblogging platform in the five-minute clip below.



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