Robert Pattinson Still Hates His Life, Trashes Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’ [VIDEO]

While millions of Twi-hards flocked to movie theaters worldwide to watch “Breaking Dawn: Part 2,” which concludes the “Twilight” franchise that has created pointless debates over Team Jacob vs. Team Edward, Robert Pattinson isn’t shedding any tears over the series ending. In fact, he’s pretty much glad that his four-year nightmare is over.

Adding to the premise of the ridiculously funny Tumblr blog “Robert Pattinson Hates His Life,” which features GIFs from his press interviews, BuzzFeed video producer Andrew Gauthier compiled a series of clips featuring the clearly annoyed actor who portrays that handsome vampire Edward Cullen telling reporters how he really feels about “Twilight.”

Among the other things that Pattinson loathes in this insanely viral YouTube video: He disses the author of the “Twilight” series, Stephenie Meyer, calling her “mad” for writing the books based on a “dream about this sexy guy.” Other complaints from the actor include how his pay “could have been better” and how his character doesn’t actually do any “vampire stuff.”

Normally, biting the hand that feeds one’s success is just awful manners. However, I’ll gladly give a pass for Pattinson this time around.