Must-Watch: Obnoxious Italian Guy Farts on Random Strangers

Lately, there has been a glut of abrasive in-your-face type vids being uploaded to YouTube. Most notable amongst them was the Seattle “Surveillance Cameraman,” a guy who would stick a video camera in your face just to record your response. There might be a new challenger for “Most Obnoxious Bastard.” Freshly uploaded to YouTube is this clip of an Italian guy cutting farts on random strangers. Yup, that’s the entirety of the video.

As far as opinion goes, I’m honestly torn here. I laughed when it happened to others, but if it happened to me I feel like I would stop punching him until my broken fingers were just grinding bits of skull into the pavement. Then I’d end up in some jail cell getting my teeth knocked out with a length of pipe so I could play “molly” to some yolked biker with a prolapsed rectum and a taste for cayenne pepper. I’d resist at first, but he’d have me eventually, and I just know that when I’m down there, you know, “doin’ stuff,” he’d fart too, only his lower intestine would furl out like some busted party favor.

Damn, I have some demons to work out… In the end, I suppose if this kid does it to you, the only healthy response you can give would be to laugh it off or fart back. Give ’im a taste of your own cooking.


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