William Shatner Escapes the Clutches of Flaming Turkey in ‘Eat, Fry, Love’ [VIDEO]

William Shatner is coming at you with a big message this turkey season in a style only William Shatner can achieve.

Chronicling the age-old tale of a love between a man and his fryer, Shatner confesses his desires for a moist, well-cooked turkey and the dangerous plights he has undergone in the name of the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Created in partnership with State Farm, this YouTube video is a warning to cooks choosing to endanger the lives of their guests, neighbors and, in general, the United States of America with their use of a turkey fryer. Between Shatner repeating the word “dingle dangle” over and over again and him setting himself on fire, it was hard for me to choose my favorite moment from this video. In what I don’t doubt will become a Hollywood classic, I recommend you take in all the glory of Shatner’s best role yet.

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