New Redbox Instant Gives Movie Lovers A Cheaper Alternative To Netflix

Looks like Netflix is getting more competition in the movie-streaming business, this time from the largest automated DVD rental vendors in the country.

Redbox and Verizon Communications have teamed up to start Redbox Instant, which will likely launch on December 17, reports GigaOM. Although the companies have said little about Redbox Instant, it will follow a similar path to Netflix in providing streaming videos and DVD rentals.

The basic service will be priced at $6 a month and feature some of the same high-profile content as Netflix but with fewer selections. For $2 more, Redbox Instant users can get up to four free DVD rentals at any kiosk which can be reserved through the Redbox website.

Besides offering unlimited movie streaming and four free Redbox rental credits, GigaOM adds that Redbox Instant will have a video-on-demand feature and will sell downloadable movies starting at 99 cents.

In comparison, Netflix offers streaming videos for $7.99 a month while DVD plans start at $7.99 a month. Since Netflix is an established movie streaming service with a wider selection of titles and a larger subscriber base, it will be hard for Redbox Instant to differentiate itself aside from its lower cost and its video on demand option.

The new service will launch initially on Redbox’s website, Android and iOS phones and tablets, Xbox 360 and certain smart TVs.