New YouTube App Upgrade Will Correct iPhone 5’s Full-Screen Problem

A common complaint from iPhone 5 users is that the stand-alone YouTube app doesn’t fit well with the longer screen. For them, it’s impossible to watch a full-screen video on the iPhone 5 because the app can’t fill the display.

YouTube launched their newly-developed app for iPhones back in September after Apple dropped the built-in app but before Apple’s iPhone 5 October release.

Now the Los Angeles Times reports that YouTube will release an upgrade to its iPhone app as well as its anticipated app for the iPad. This news should be a sigh of relief for iPhone and iPad users because this means that a full-screen video experience will be a reality. iPad users will no longer have to rely on using Safari to watch YouTube videos.

Although YouTube has been quiet about a release date, they assured users that it is in the works.

As iPhone 5 users anticipate an improved YouTube app, other third-party apps like Jasmine and YouPlayer have filled the need for iOS 6 users wanting that full-screen experience.

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