No YouTube Views? Cheer Up, You’re Not Alone

Alright, YouTubers. Let’s be honest: Just like the current job market, the digital entertainment world is a tough one to catch a break in. Between Kim K.’s tweets, digging up Facebook dirt on your old flames and watching videos of sneezing Pandas, social media has gotten to the point where even nudity won’t hold a viewer’s attention for long. Then how can your YouTube channel possibly stand out?

A good question asked by many, and answered simply: forget the numbers.

If you joined YouTube for wealth, fame and billboards with your name on it, you may want to rethink your profession. Just like the careers in teaching, journalism and puppeteering, the only reason you would be crazy enough to slap the title of YouTube artist on your business card is because you’re truly passionate about it. While you might be having a tough time bringing traffic to your channel, chin up, kid, and take in all the magic of our YouTube pep talk below.

Everyone Has a Rough Patch

Through all of the interviews of YouTube artists and gurus that NMR has done, a constant comment made from each singer, songwriter and dancer is the hard work that they had to put into developing their channels. So before you reach for that emergency supply of box wine, you have to remember, even the greats started with 10 subscribers. A week of planning, filming and editing can come down to a five-minute video, with the process starting over a day later. Maintaining a YouTube channel comes from focus, consistent updating and fresh and original content. Getting started is not going to be easy, but with some blood, sweat and tears, your hard work will be apparent in a product that you are proud to promote.

Reach Out to Other YouTubers

If there is anything I’ve learned working here, it is that YouTubers love other YouTubers. They love to hang out with them, talk about YouTube-y things, compare view counts and talk about the channels’ latest formulas. Send your favorite artist an email or letter and ask their advice about building up your channel and fan base. YouTubers are generally good people who just want to help, so don’t be afraid to have an open and honest conversation about how to improve your YouTube content. Be sure to check out our article on 7 tips when requesting collaborations with YouTubers.

Be Passionate

Whether you are interested in style, beauty tutorials, or vlogging, the only way to succeed on YouTube is being true to your passionate self. A fake personality and lack of true interest can be detected the second any video begins. A true benefit of this medium is the intimacy between fans and their favorite artists. So give a loud voice to your passion; what do you have to lose?

Now forget the view count and make videos for the sheer enjoyment of what you’re doing. While I wish I had the grand YouTube answers figured out, the best I can give you is this sweet pep talk and a pat on the back. Best of luck, YouTubers!

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