Obama’s Victory Hug Image Breaks the Record for Most-Liked Facebook Photo Ever

On a day when President Obama is celebrating his handily-won upcoming second term in office, Facebook + Journalists has declared him a winner in another area as well: His campaign has broken a Facebook record by having the most-liked photo of all time.

The photo, posted hours after his re-election victory, shows Obama embracing his wife Michelle at a campaign. So far, it has received more than 3.4 million likes, nearly 437,000 shares and about 164,000 shares as of last count.

On top of that, the Obama campaign’s profile photo has also broken records on Twitter as well. As of 9:21 a.m. PT, the photo has received more than 685,172 retweets and 234,170 favorites. NBC reported that his victory photo is the most retweeted photo ever. Before this, the most popular retweet was when Justin Bieber expressed his condolences for a six-year-old fan who died of cancer back in September. That tweet had more than 223,000 retweets.

Overall, Election Day had been a busy one for Twitter, where users broke the record for most tweeted political event. Users posted more than 31 million political-related Tweets on the site with a peak of 327,000 tweets per second while Obama made his victory speech.

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