Pistachios Just Might Win You $10,000 in Twitter Contest

Like puzzles? Like money? Like pistachios? You just hit the jackpot, my friend. In an attempt to “crack” (ahh, nut puns) the “mysterious world” of young people, Wonderful Pistachios has once again turned to social media in a desperate bid to become relevant. Of course, they’re giving away $10,000 so I’ll listen.

In a new ad that dropped today on YouTube, Wonderful spills a jumble of letters, including a pistachio-green tinted hashtag over the shell of a pistachio, explaining that Twitter “does it (I assume here they are talking about cracking open pistachios and not having sex) in 140 characters.” The point of the contest is to unscramble the the spilled letters for a chance at that sweet moola. Full contest rules are available on Wonderful’s Twitter account “@getcrackin.” The sad thing is I wrote about the contest, so I guess their advertising worked.

Good news is I’m having my own contest where the first person who wins that contest and gives me the prize money gets $5000. Not bad, right?


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