Watch This: PSY & MC Hammer Perform Together At The AMAs

The American Music Awards are apparently something that people enjoy watching. With categories like the incomprehensibly named “Old Navy New Artist of the Year,” this year’s AMA, much like last year’s, seemed to exist simply to remind you that popular music is popular.

Did you forget that Justin Bieber was a successful music person? The AMAs have got your back with “The Artist of the Year” award going to none other than Beebs himself (pause for shocked gasps). Relatively unknown artists like Adele, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Taylor Swift also took home honors because they are America’s best musicians — duh.

Adding to the star-powered jerk-off session that is the AMAs, Korean pop sensation PSY came onstage wearing nothing else but MC Hammer harem pants to perform his wildly successful summer jam “Gangnam Style.”


On the plus side, Hammer can still dance like a son of a bitch; just look at him go:


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