Rescue & Recovery of Cheeto the Kitten Melts Hearts on Reddit [GALLERY]

Having spent the morning writing first about Robert Pattinson and then racist Americans, it seems only appropriate to end my day talking about Cheeto the Cat. While NMR is slowly turning into a cat-dominated site thanks mainly to cat enthusiast and Managing Editor Matthew Manarino, we couldn’t pass up this sweet gallery capturing Cheeto the Cat’s rescue, recovery and viral Reddit fame.

While filming the independent film “Before the Fall,” actor Chase Conner was out taking pictures in the mountains when he stumbled upon a little ball of fur he later named Cheeto. At only 1 pound 2 ounces, Cheeto was unable to stand, malnourished and covered in fleas. Knowing he couldn’t leave the kitten behind, Conner went to town, bought formula and flea medicine and set to work on nourishing Cheeto. Documenting Cheeto’s journey back to health and into a happy home, Conner’s gallery has since gone viral on Reddit, spurring pet owners to share their own pet rescue stories. From his sweet fuzzy face to his playful personality, Cheeto the cat will melt your heart and leave you cuddling up with your own furry friends.


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