‘Right Now I am A Little Miffed’: Tard The Grumpy Cat Brings The Real Talk [INTERVIEW]

The Internet has a new hero. Personifying the overall cynicism and irritation that your average internet user feels on a daily basis, Tard the Grumpy Cat has struck a powerful chord within disenchanted web crawlers everywhere.

Chances are you’ve seen Tard’s signature sourpuss and thought to yourself, “Man, that cat looks just like bacon connoisseur Ron Swanson.” Well, I’m here to tell you that you are absolutely correct in thinking that.

In Tard the Grumpy Cat’s short yet prolific career she has spawned memes such as “I had fun once it was awful” and whatever the hell this is:

I caught up with Tard after a chair she threw struck me during an anger management class. In lieu of any legal action, Tard and her owner Tabatha Bundesen agreed to have a short one-on-one with me about Tard’s origins and what having nine lives that all suck is like.

Tabatha, how are you so blessed to have become the owner of Tard the Grumpy Cat?

Tabatha: Honestly, my daughter Chyrstal wouldn’t let me give her away! I did notice a weird coincidence though; back in July for my birthday, everyone gave me cat birthday cards. Weird, I know.

Tard, I’ve noticed that you are really grumpy — why is that?

Tard: Right now I am a little miffed because the dogs drank from my water dish, and they treat my litter box like a Tootsie Roll dish. It’s always something.

Tabatha, why do you think Tard is so grumpy?

She isn’t really that grumpy … she has a great personality and likes to be cuddled; if anything, it’s because she does not have the coordination that a cat should have (She doesn’t always land on her feet!).

Is “Tarder Sauce” your birth name? Or the name your owners forced on you?

I’m glad you asked. It is the name my owners forced on me, but with the help of my fans, I have convinced them to just call me Grumpy Cat.

Have you tried any holistic practices to cheer you up (yoga, meditation, acupuncture)?

No needles, or straining, but the catnip helps a lot.

Tabatha, when you saw how much the Internet loves cats, did you know that Tard would become a hit?

I had NO idea! I had a friend that told me once that she would become a celebrity. The reason my brother, Bryan, posted the original photo on Reddit was because there is like a running joke that Reddit likes cats!

Can you please start dressing Tard in costumes and then post it on Tumblr?

I will ask her, but photoshoots make her terribly Grumpy!

Can I have Tard?

In your dreams.

Tard, final question: How does it feel to be such a celebrity on the Internet?

It has its perks. I get pet a whole lot more, but my naps get interrupted constantly! One fan is sending me a new cat bed!


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