Anti-Obama Twitterers Threaten To Move To Australia, End Up Getting Schooled

In the last couple of presidential and congressional elections, a few supporters on the losing side have taken to social media networks to say if so-and-so loses the election, they’re moving to another country.

If you’re going to make a statement like “If Romney loses, I’m moving to Australia,” especially if you’re a conservative Republican fed up with Obamacare and his “socialist” policies, you best know a few things about that country besides Foster’s Beer and Crocodile Dundee. Americans Kristen Neel and Jessica Hersey learned the hard way after posting on Twitter that they were moving to Australia if President Obama wins, with Neel adding that Australia has a president who “is a Christian and actually supports what he says.”

First of all, there is no President of Australia. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II represented by Governor General Quentin Bryce (a woman), but I’m assuming she’s referring to the prime minister, Julia Gillard, a woman and an atheist. Enough of my nerd talk; I’ll let these real Australians on Twitter school Neel and Hersey about their country, which isn’t particularly a conservative paradise. Take it away, Aussies!

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