GNAA Talks Hacking WordPress and Why They Think Anonymous Isn’t A Threat

So I recently wrote a column about the Drudge Report getting duped by the “Sandy Loot Crew” and what a pain in the ass that was for media outlets everywhere. Not exactly flattering stuff for the GNAA (Gay Nigger Association of America), the greyhat “hacktivist collective” responsible for the troll.

The GNAA, whose two main requirements seem to be that members must be 1. gay and 2. black, have pulled off a few other dodgy maneuvers in their ascension, so when the group’s spokesperson, “Leon Kaiser,” suggested I contact him regarding my article, my first thought was “Fuck!”

Resignedly, I emailed “Leon” to not only gauge how pissed the group was at me, but also to ask him a few questions about the “Sandy Loot Crew,” trolling, and even Anonymous. I still don’t know who “Leon Kaiser” is exactly, if he is “real,” or if I am going to wake up one day only to find my electronic life hacked to shit, but I gotta admit, whoever “Leon Kaiser” is, he gives a good interview.

While my article wasn’t exactly in your corner regarding the “media experiment,” I was fascinated by the response Twitter users had towards your postings. The amount of hatred found in people when connected to a social media source boggles my mind, but I’m guessing your organization has seen a bit of that over the years.

“Leon”: I myself have received hundreds of death threats over the years. In this one experiment, my colleagues and I got well over eighty responses comparing me and my race (to) zoo animals.

Your former “head” was a big bearded white guy who looks a bit like me. Are there any actual  “gays” or “niggers” in the “Gay Nigger Association of America”?

We have all sorts of members. Most are gay and/or black. Some GNAA members are neither but gained membership by supporting us in other ways. The only requirement for membership is a dedication to the struggle of gays and niggers everywhere.

Your credo is “a dedication to the struggle of gays and niggers everywhere,” and yet, several of your group’s targets seem to be more based in technology (releasing  screenshots of Mac OS X, et cetera…) than oppressive hate groups. What is the underlying agenda I seem to be missing?

While we of course are wholeheartedly dedicated to the plight of gays and niggers everywhere, the aims of the organization have taken a strong “anti-blogging” stance in the past few years in particular. The interest in technology mainly stems from the group’s origins, as the group was founded on Slashdot.

You mention in one of your “posts” that Anonymous is basically toothless now. Why is that?

If by “toothless” you mean “devolved into meme-spewing disjointed morality police,” then yes.

For instance, during the “Sandy Loot Crew” experiment, self-proclaimed members of Anonymous were the very first people to fall for the troll. Instead of doing anything meaningful, they just spammed us with “@LiteralKa TROLOLOLOLOLOL” tweets until we blocked and reported them for spam en masse, getting them suspended (this is what Alex Jones was referring to when he mentioned accounts being suspended).

Over the years, Anonymous has continued to devolve from a disorganized troll group full of relatively competent and intelligent people into the disjointed mess inhabited by meme-spewing teenagers, script kiddies, and white knights that it is today.

Oh, I forgot to add my sentiment that Anonymous is probably best summed up by the fact that their mascot, Guy Fawkes, was a right wing theocratic extremist. They don’t seem to get the irony in this.

Was the intent of the “Sandy Loot Crew” experiment directed more at confounding a set group such as the media, or was it more about putting something edgy out there to see what happened?

The intent was a combination of both, actually. While we were hopeful that the media would fall for it, we also had realistic expectations (though in the end it seems we thought that the media held higher standards than they really do, which is why they didn’t do any fact checking). We were mainly just expecting to have a few laughs on Twitter, and maybe get some (unwarranted) media attention.

What is the next move for the GNAA?

We plan on furthering our “anti-blogging” agenda. While I’m not at liberty to fully disclose what we have in store, WordPress and Disqus are two entities that we have big plans regarding.


I say, as long as “Jeff Klima” isn’t on that list, they can do whatever the hell they like.

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