YouTube’s Elections Hub Channel Wants Your Election Day Videos

What if you could document your Election Day experiences that the mainstream media has yet to explore? On YouTube’s latest blog post, the video-sharing site is encouraging users to document Election Day as it happens where they live. This is all a part of YouTube’s efforts to bring a more personal element to the overall ongoing coverage of the presidential election.

Whether it’s a vlog about your political beliefs or a filming of the lines at your local polling station, your video could be selected for feature on YouTube’s Elections Hub channel. Remember: If you want the Political Hub to notice your videos, tweet them to @YouTubePolitics or hashtag #YouTubePolitics on the video title.

Even though you are largely free to make videos from outside your polling place, check your state’s laws on polling place activities and the Documenting Your Vote project on guidelines for filming inside a polling station.

Besides YouTube’s Election Day citizen journalism project, those tuning in on Election Day can watch live news and analysis from partners like ABC News, Al Jazeera English, Philip DeFranco and Univision on the Elections Hub.

Watch a sampling of videos from YouTube 2008 Election Day coverage “Video Your Vote” below.



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