SMOSH Hits 6 Million Subscribers: Will They Take Down Nigahiga?

It has been a big weekend for two of YouTube’s top talents: First, South Korean viral sensation PSY became the reigning king of YouTube as “Gangnam Style” beat out Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for the title of most-watched YouTube video ever. Following just after PSY’s achievement, YouTube comedy duo SMOSH have just hit 6 million subscribers.

For a long time, SMOSH held the number three spot for most-subscribed YouTube channels with Nigahiga in second place and everyone’s favorite vlogger RayWilliamJohnson holding down the coveted top spot.

Higa is still holding onto that silver medal with weekly uploads that, at their lowest, still hit around a million views. Right now, SMOSH is trailing Higa by 134,262 subs. However, since SMOSH was snatched up by digital entertainment network Alloy Digital, their overall subs, views and interactions have skyrocketed.

If there is one thing SMOSH’s Ian and Anthony aren’t short on, it’s fangirls willing to spread the good word of SMOSH. The duo’s momentous achievement became a trending topic on Twitter today as thousands of fangirls literally (but probably figuratively) lost their minds once that 6 millionth sub rolled in.

Congrats to SMOSH — keep making that sweet internet gold.

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