Sparkles, Unicorns & Rainbows: Facebook Viral Video Asks ‘What If Money Didn’t Matter?’

There is a new viral video in town, and it’s gaining popularity on Facebook of all places. No, people watching a Facebook video isn’t the news item, although it is pretty shocking.

The questionably-punctuated video, “What if Money didn’t matter” has garnered over 22,000 likes and 195,000 shares. With a title like that it won’t come as much of a surprise that the video is chock full of the “follow your dreams” type message that is so often associated with viral velocity.

Voiced over by popular British born American philosopher Alan Watts, the Facebook video explores the subject of living a life in which money is no object. In the video, Watts asks, “How would you really enjoy spending your life?” as scenes of bustling city streets and graffiti-covered buildings whirl by from the window of a train.

When it comes to this type of hokey pseudo-inspirational business, I’ll be the first to admit I go into it ready to shoot it down. However, Watts isn’t your average Tony Robbins and actually makes a compelling and brilliant case for living life in a way that you would find fulfilling.

Check out the video below then follow your dreams, carpe diem, god opens a window, footprints in the sand, be all you can be, real American hero, and the rest of that good shit.


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