Squrl Video Discovery App Adds Live-Streaming Content Results

Many video discovery apps — which are third-party apps that aggregate searches from YouTube, Hulu and other video-sharing platforms — have focused on finding on-demand content. They act as a central place for searching and watching videos from a wide variety of sources on mobile phones and tablets.

However, none have technology that could find live-streaming content. Live streams are growing in number, and discovery apps have been slow in finding a way to look out for them.

The video discovery platform Squrl, which aggregates videos from 18 sources ranging from YouTube to TED.com, is changing that notion. It has updated its app recently to add live-streaming videos from a wide variety of content producers. You can watch live streams from Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg TV, Russia Today and many more. In addition to constant live streams from these providers, Squrl will also look for other live streams that come up during breaking news.

Besides offering results for live streams, Squrl’s app update made some changes to user profiles to make it more of a social media network. You can see what other people are doing on Squrl and what videos they like. The app update also makes it a one-stop shop for video viewers to manage your YouTube and Netflix subscriptions as well as finding out what your friends are watching by logging on to Twitter and Facebook.

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