‘Star Citizen’ Video Game Blasts Crowdfunding Record

The world crowdfunding record for a single video game has been smashed today. Chris Roberts’ “Star Citizen” is an open-world space simulator that looks incredible with its massive spaceships and beautiful star systems. Who is Chris Roberts? He is a well-known game designer and film director who focuses on space-related creative projects. His claim to fame is the invention of beloved franchises “Wing Commander” and “Freelancer.”

The previous record holder was Obsidian’s “Project Eternity” at $3.5 million raised via Kickstarter. To date, Chris Roberts’ “Star Citizen” has garnered $6.2 million and is backed by nearly 90,000 people. What makes this Kickstarter so special is that Roberts took a non-traditional route and hosted his own webpage to which individuals could donate to the cause in addition to his Kickstarter project page.

The use of two separate avenues through which fans could donate was clearly a factor in this new world record. I am curious to see if other future Kickstarter projects will follow suit. The launch date for “Star Citizen” is currently set sometime in 2014, so in the meantime enjoy the game trailer below.



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