The Awesome Person’s Guide On How To Download Videos From YouTube

How do I download videos from YouTube? This frequently queried little sentence is a surprisingly big conundrum for many, and at NMR, we are sick of you worrying. So let this article shine as a beacon for the proper downloading of videos from YouTube. For those of you who’ve never asked that question, however, allow me to explain what I am talking about. The rest of you can jump down to the practical stuff.

Alright, so you go to YouTube and watch videos, right? And that is all well and funny and good, but what if there were no internet? Take, for instance, that episode of “South Park” that spoofs “The Grapes of Wrath,” where Stan and family wake up to realize the Internet has broken. If that happened to you, how would you watch all your favorite videos? Well, if you follow this guide, you can have all your videos saved to your desktop, and this will no longer be a concern. Then you can go back to worrying about if people can smell your unwashed crotch.

Now I’m aware that there are many different browsers and operating systems that people use, so I will try to address the big ones where discrepancies might occur.

From a PC:

1. Here you’re going to use a downloading tool like “YouTube Downloader HD.” It’s free, so Google that phrase (or click on the link provided). I assure you the government doesn’t care if you download “Dramatic Chipmunk” a dozen times. Your spouse might, but that’s a topic for a different publication.

2. Once you’ve downloaded and installed your downloader program, run it.

3. A screen should pop up asking you to input the URL, as well as to choose a video resolution (the higher the resolution the slower the video downloads). If you would like to change the video format from FLV to one more compatible with most media players, i.e. MP4 or AVI. Do what you want, but I would run the conversion.

4. Choose where you would like to download the video to via the “Save to” button.

5. Click “download.” Like magic, all your internet “friends” will forever be on your computer.

Take note: The “YouTube Downloader HD” only works on YouTube videos, so don’t think we’ve entrusted you with some sort of Pirate Bay BitTorrent tool for ripping the lousy videos on Crackle.

From a Mac:

Like the PC-users, downloading YouTube videos is only a matter of knowing where to get the correct downloading programs.

1. For this one, go to and download the free software they have offered there.

2. Run said program.

3. Copy/paste your desired URL in the correct box (the one reading URL), and choose your correct format in the “Save As” option.

4. Hit “Download.” Easy peasy.

The same rule about only working with YouTube applies here, so don’t think you’re God’s gift to programming just because you work off a Mac. Your God is dead, and he took his genius with him.

And a couple others, just because some of you are fussy:

From Firefox

This one seems the most convoluted, as you have to download multiple software add-ons, but it’s your computer.

1. Firefox allows you to go through the “Grease Monkey” application for your Firefox downloading needs, so type that into your browser.

2. Download the correct file (the one that says Download Now, it is the only one on the page).

3. From there, go and get the YouTube-to-mp4 downloader from

4. And then you can finally begin your downloading process — if you’re not dead from boredom before then.

Another method seems to be the more direct route of downloading the “Download Helper” from, according to the comments though, this program might be in beta as several users are crying “bug.”

From Safari:

This might be the easiest one of the bunch.

1. Safari users first need to choose a video of their liking.

2. Pause said video after it fully loads.

3. Then go up to “Window” in your Toolbar (that thing at the top of the screen).

4. From there, select “Activity.”

5. Double click on the video name (or the one that indicates a v in the log that pops up.

I’m dubious of this process because virtually everything else needs an add-on, but we’ll see what happens, you wacky Safari users.

From Chrome:

I was not a fan of the methods I could find to download vids through Chrome. A lot of them were basically plug-in downloads that were asking me to enter in javascript word-mush, and I wasn’t feeling it. I’m sure it’s probably fine, but feel free to submit your own better methods in the comments.

From Internet Explorer:

Silly user, you think you have a browser. That’s really cute. The day Internet Explorer becomes useful is the day people figure out how to make it into a double-ply paper and wipe their ass with it.       

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