The Fung Brothers On Partnering with Maker Studios and Their Deep Love of The ‘626’

‘Come on, try it!’ were the exclamations I kept hearing from YouTube comedy duo David and Andrew Fung as they sat across from me at Chinese restaurant Seafood Capital. While I wouldn’t call myself a wimp when it comes to trying unique cuisine — a result of the many years of being forced to eat liverwurst and dill pickles for my Grandma’s birthday — it is now safe to say that eating a dim sum chicken foot takes the cake.

From nibbling on the outer skin followed by trying to dislodge a small chicken toe from my molar, I came to realize that though listening to the witty banter between the Fung brothers was worthwhile, eating another chicken foot would not be happening for the next 78 years of my life. And thus began my time talking with YouTube’s greatest, and only, Chinese American brother comedy and rap duo.

Self-described as the “Asian Wayans brothers,” Andrew and David came together as a comedy duo in 2011 and branded themselves as The Fung Brothers on YouTube after their move from Seattle to Southern California. San Gabriel Valley — nicked the “626” by the Fung Brothers after the city’s telephone area code — has since become the focus behind some of their most popular videos such as “626” and “The Jeremy Lin Effect,” inspired by the boba-driven culture and lifestyle of this Asian-American community. With experience in both live comedy and YouTube, The Fung Brothers have realized since their move to the ‘626’ that having a strong YouTube presence has replaced the age old system of passing out comedy show fliers on the street, and has given them a leg up on their dreams of becoming comedians.

Fresh off filming “Fung Brothers Mess with Texas” for the Hungry YouTube channel, the original show follows Andrew and David through adventures and meals in the small towns of Texas. Featured on Reddit’s front page and spotlighted by the Los Angeles Times, The Fung Brothers most recent news comes from their decision to partner with Maker Studios to continue to gain traction as YouTube personalities. With their YouTube presence, The Fung Brothers hope that through humor, and a little bit of rap, they will broaden and push the boundaries of what it means to be Asian American one boba cup, mochi dessert and chicken foot at a time.

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Photography by Daniel Nguyen

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