The New York Times Has Beef With A Parody Account, And Twitter Is ON IT

The New York Times was none too happy over a parody Twitter account that pokes fun at the newspaper’s more pretentious and obvious lifestyle stories.

Even though the owner of “The Times Is On It” account clearly stated it was a parody of a certain newspaper, the Times forced Twitter to temporarily shut down “The Times Is On It” on Monday because the logo — which is a stylized letter T with a beret — violated Twitter’s Terms of Service. The account was reinstated Tuesday.

Since lawyer Benjamin Kabak started this viciously funny account skewering the “old gray lady” last year, it has amassed more than 20,000 followers. Whenever Kabak finds a really pretentious and obvious article in the Times, his tweets would usually go something like this: “GUYS, [something happening], and The Times is ON IT.”

Now that The Times Is On It’s Twitter account is back in action, Kabak had to ditch his old logo. He wrote on his Facebook page that the account is looking for some good artists who will design the logo for his Twitter account. The threat of The New York Times complaining again to Twitter about copyright infringement would make his account  “subject to ‘permanent deletion.’”

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