The Top 10 Viral Video Brands – Red Bull Ranks #1 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Goviral, a leading distributor in branding entertainment content, recently did a study ranking the top 100 brands dominating the viral video industry. Surprisingly, Red Bull came out on top followed by powerhouse corporations like Google and Disney.

I reached out to my friend Brendan Gahan at Mekanism for some insight on why Red Bull has been so successful, and this is what he had to say:

“Nowadays, with the emergence of social media, brands are literally emerging as media networks. Red Bull has capitalized on this with the creation of Red Bull Media House and the YouTube partnership – leveraging the brand as ‘producer and distributor’ approach to generate mass amounts of earned media.”

Another reason Red Bull is on top is because they perform and document amazing feats that few other brands are able to do, such as when they sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s base jump from space. Such events like these are sure to build incredible buzz and harvest a wide audience.

We made an infographic on the top 10 viral video brands for your convenience below. For the full list, go to Goviral’s report.

Infographic by Drew Rueda