‘The World in Two Minutes: Germany’ Makes Me Wish It Was ‘The World in Three Minutes’

Every so often some online show comes down the pipeline that makes me wish I had thought of it first (so I could sue the daylights out of them, natch). “The World in Two Minutes” is just such a program.

Basically, “TWiTM” splices all the fantastical YouTube footage that emerges from a particular country into a bite-sized morsel of Internet whimsy that expresses the oeuvre of said country. The country in focus for this episode? Germany. From its bavarian beauties slinging schnitzel, to impressive stein-carrying exploits (and failure) of Oktoberfest waiters and waitresses clad in dirndls, to the follies of everyday folk, in two short minutes, Germany sounds like a damn fun place.

Almost too much fun … initially these certainly don’t look like the sort of folk who would attempt to take over the entire world through murderous genocide. And then the video sagely ends with that infamous clip of the German kid freaking out over his computer, and we are left to realize: it’s all a goddamn lie. That murderous rage left over from World War II, it’s still friggin’ there! The fun, the friendliness, the Hofbrau, the schnitzel … they just want to lure us in, get us drunk and fatten us up. Well, I know another story exactly like that, except it has a witch and a candy house. Nice try, Germany.

As for “The World in Two Minutes,” good work. I can’t wait to see what country you expose next, Chris Hansen-style. Ka-chow!


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