Vimeo Launches New iPhone App With Live Video Recording Capability

Always the innovator, video-sharing site Vimeo has just launched a sleek new iPhone app. The redesigned app sports the simplistic interface and streamlined approach to social sharing that is all-too-common in modern iPhone apps.

Calling to the citizen journalist in all of us, the Vimeo app also supports on-the-go recording straight from the application. Think of it as a video-centric Instagram but with a lot less filters and photos of sushi.

To keep your face really buried in that iPhone, Vimeo has enabled live viewing even as your recordings are uploading. That means you won’t miss a beat between filming artsy footage of falling leaves and watching someone else’s artsy footage of falling leaves. As a warning, I would avoid using the Vimeo iPhone app around any open manholes. I hear there are gators down there.



Live viewing, social sharing and on-the-fly recording make Vimeo’s new app sound very promising. However, of the 224 reviews at the iPhone app store, the application is so far stamped with a troubling two and one half stars out of five. The most common complaints typically range from “Still buggy” to the extremely helpful “App blows.”


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