VLC Video Player Lets You Play YouTube Videos Ad-Free

People check out YouTube videos all the time without thinking about how they can get a better user experience. Many third-party applications try to fill a need for an enhanced YouTube experience with better lighting, editing tools and much more.

Did you know that VLC, the useful video player that supports nearly every video format, can also play YouTube and DailyMotion videos? The blog Digital Inspiration reports that if you’re already recording and editing streaming video with the latest update to this application, chances are that you’re also watching YouTube videos without any ads and changing the playback speed.

Besides an ad-free experience, the VLC video player can also let you set the size of the video so you can go ahead and do other things with your computer. Best of all, there’s no need for opening up your browser to enjoy these features. It’s all in the software.

If you want to watch videos using the VLC video player, you need to download the latest version.

STEP 1: Once you’ve upgraded, click the media menu and select Open Network Stream.

STEP 2: Input your video’s YouTube or DailyMotion URL and click the Play button on the bottom of the prompt.

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