Walmart Employees Caught Tossing, Breaking Apple Ipads On Video

If you get an iPad from Walmart this Christmas, you might be in for a busted gift. A new video has just gone viral after three employees filmed themselves tossing and slamming boxes of the Apple tablets to the ground.

The vandals, stockroom employees of a Kentucky Walmart, recorded footage of themselves laughing and searching through stacks of merchandise until they find the telltale shapes of iPad containers. “This is why you shouldn’t buy iPads from Walmart,” one of the employees deadpans into the camera before his coworker launches the container across the stockroom.

The same co-worker later slams one of the packages to the ground and announces, “Sorry about that, iPad. Hope nobody buys that.”

The clip went viral after being posted to Reddit on November 9th, and has since been viewed over 2.6 million times. All three employees have been fired and prosecuted.

Several viewers of the video have posted comments doubting the authenticity of the footage, as they’ve determined that it is unlikely that the big box company would “just leave expensive products like iPad tablets lying around,” but a rep for Walmart has since confirmed its authenticity. “We’ve seen the video of several night-shift associates destroying merchandise in the back of one of our stores in August and, as anyone can image, it made us wince. We are also embarrassed.”

So far, no iPads in the area have been returned broken, but then, it is Kentucky. The iPads were likely just going to be used to scratch Lotto tickets anyhow.


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