Watch This: $10 Million Viral Ad Shows The Power Of Love … Wait, Did You Say $10 Million?


Matthew sits at his desk watching new U.K. retailer John Lewis’ annual Christmas advertisement. Slowly, he takes a drink of hot coffee.

“Hey, this ad isn’t half bad,” says Matthew and sips his hot coffee again.

Co-worker walks up to Matthew and says, “Watching the new John Lewis ad? Can you believe they spent $10 million on it?”

Matthew spits out coffee in a shower of molten caffeine scalding himself and the informative coworker.

End Scene

Holy shit, this is a good ad and everything, but $10 million? I’ve watched this video at least 3 times and still can’t figure out what that $10 million went towards. My only guess is that somewhere a production assistant is rolling in a pile of money shouting, “I can’t believe those assholes fell for it!”

Check out the video below, and prepare yourself for the big payoff at the end (spoiler: it’s that over-priced scarves and gloves will make someone love you).


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