Watch This: Alex York’s ‘American Boy’ is the Greatest Thing In The History of Everything

I have just found my new favorite song.

In this dark and cynical world, every once in a while something beautiful and pure sneaks through to shine majestically like a beacon into the hearts and minds of children everywhere. Long ago, a prophecy was made that a blonde-haired “Eminem-looking motherfucker” would come along and just unironically sing about his love for sushi, feeding crackers to a giant stuffed deer and making new friends. And he would do it in Japanese. Mostly.

I believe that Alex York and his trending new song “American Boy” have fulfilled that prophecy.

I shit you not — I have already purchased this song on iTunes and will be making it into my ringtone (there is no official ringtone available yet). With an insanely pop-y hook and a YouTube video that provides concise and thoughtful subtitles, York has finally bridged the gap between America and Japan that Pearl Harbor ripped open so many years ago. Eat your heart out, PSY and K-pop, Alex York is number one super awesome joe in my book.

Maybe you think I’m just some sarcastic bastard being all meta by going gushy over a silly song. How contrarian of me, right? Well, watch the video and tell me if it doesn’t rewrite your world for the better. It’s. That. Powerful (Jeff nods, grim-faced and solemn as you read this).

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