Watch This: Cell Phone Crashing is Latest Online Craze

What are cell phones good for? Radiation? Dropped calls? Twitter rants that fall on deaf ears? Well now they can be used for something even better. With a side effect that produces only the giggles, “cell phone crashing” is the latest online video sensation. Way better than any drive-thru prank, cell phone crashing is when you drop in on someone’s conversation while pretending to be holding a conversation of your own. It’s even funnier when you film it and upload the video on YouTube for all to see.

Watch as a gentleman from the YouTube channel MediocoreFilms demonstrates flawless crashing technique by employing the audacity of Verizon’s “Can You Hear Me Now?” Guy. Where has he been by the way, Verizon? Seriously, did he like die or something? Please contact me; I’m concerned.



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