Watch This: ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ is Australia’s Catchiest Song Ever

“Dumb Ways to Die” song … stuck in head … so damn catchy … must get rid of … somehow …

*subjects self to multiple showings of new “Twilight” movie and dies a horrific, torturous and overall dumb death*

Now speaking to you from the lowest pit of hell (think New Jersey, except even lower): The “Dumb Ways to Die” YouTube video is part of a larger media campaign advocating train-rider precaution by Melbourne, Australia’s Metro Trains railway system, and it’s gone viral – nearly 8 million views in five days’ time. The cute animated video’s message? There are a lot of dumb ways to die, and one of them is by playing around and in front of trains. Don’t do it, Aussies – death by dingo is much more exhilarating and spectacularly stereotypical, not to mention there’ll be less clean-up involved for the nice people who’d have to scoop up the eyeballs that’ve popped out of your skull if you had been hit by a train.

Watch “Dumb Ways to Die” below and be mesmerized:


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