Watch This: Funny ‘Radi-Aid’ Charity Video Sends African Warmth to Norway

For just 30 cents a day, you too can warm a bored Nord on the fjord. Okay, this new must-watch video doesn’t expressly say that, but you get the gist.

Promoting “Radi-Aid,” this tongue-in-locust-eaten-cheek ad pokes fun at the “starving children in Africa” campaigns by sending charity the other direction. Africa For Norway, a collective between a group of South Africans and a Norwegian ad agency, is hoping that the world will take notice of how cold Norway is right now. “Frostbite kills people too,” says one of the South African youths who are busily collecting the dangerous continent’s radiators to ship up to the frozen Scandinavian region for temperature relief.

The ad is essentially meant to poke fun at how idiots like me blithely send our hard-earned dollars out to Third World nations in hopes of funding a brighter global tomorrow, when in fact, Africa doesn’t need our money. Clearly they are doing so well that they can afford a choir room and licensing rights to sample “Heal the World” in a parody song they call “Heat the World.” Some might argue that this video is actually Africa rebelling against the stereotype that they are just a nation of AIDS-infected malnourished wastlings with distended bellies and flies for sunglasses, but I don’t see it that way. Ungrateful bastards, see if I send you any more money. I’m just kidding of course — I never sent them any money.

My question is: how long ‘til Sean Penn goes out to Norway and starts living in a tent? Still, watch this video, and maybe send some money for all of us — you, me, and Sean Penn. Or at least a radiator.



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