Watch This: ‘Gangnam Style’s’ PSY Speaks To Impressionable Youngsters At Oxford

Not so long ago, NMR posted the obituary of “Gangnam Style.” Now don’t try and remember who the author of the article was; that’s not important. What is important is that you people are complete and utter pop culture whores, and you would chop your hands off to feed a zombie Justin Bieber. In fact, I just put that last reference in there because the likelihood is this article will now get scooped up by people searching “Justin Bieber” and/or “zombies” as well as “PSY” and “Gangnam Style.” See how transparent you are? Now dance, puppet!*

This here video has nothing to do with “Gangnam Style” or, more importantly, some derivative fan parody of said song. Instead, this is PSY, a musician and artist/creator of many songs, talking to the brainiacs at Oxford about his musical influences. Unsurprisingly, he lists Freddy Mercury of “Queen” as one of them. A little more surprising is the coherence and clarity with which PSY speaks English. Now I’m starting to think the guy at my dry cleaners is just fucking with me. Dry cleaner man, you’ve been here like 25 years! Time to pick up a “Hooked on Phonics” tape or something. And stop telling the other customers what you think those stains on my towels are! Now where was I? Oh yeah, watch this, it’s surprisingly interesting.

*Hmm, probably just picked up the puppet fetishists too…          

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