Must-Watch: MTV ‘Executive’ Answers ‘Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?’

If there’s one thing I’ve always wanted to know about MTV, but have never had the chance to ask, it’s this: “Why doesn’t MTV play music videos anymore?”

Brian Firenzi and his sketch comedy partner Maria del Carmen try to answer that age-old question in their latest YouTube video. Del Carmen portrays concerned viewer Natalie Jones, who reminisces about hanging out with her friends “eating pizza, reading magazines and watching music videos” on MTV but wonders why the cable channel doesn’t show music videos.

Firenzi, in character as an MTV executive, rips Natalie and her generation for ruining music videos by stealing music, making their most effective marketing tool irrelevant.

He blasts Natalie by saying: “YOUR generation decided to steal music, and music videos are more worthless than ever before.”

But the MTV exec has more to rant about on Natalie and the illegal downloading generation in the hilarious video below, so check it out to see why it’s racked up more than half a million views since its upload a few days ago.


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