Watch This: The People of Walmart on Black Friday

I’m positive that by the time you read this sentence you’ve probably have already spent a good amount of time in the wee hours of the cold, finger-numbing morning waiting for the that Black Friday sale to commence, for the stores’ automatic doors to slide open, and then avoiding being trampled on by hoards of shoppers. From what I hear, Walmart is one of the places where people must boldly surpass emotions of ochlophobia and claustrophobia in order to reach the hottest deals of the year. As you make your way down the aisles reaching and grabbing at the household items you’ve waited an entire year to purchase I just wanted to remind you to be courteous of your fellow shoppers through song.

Remember; behind all the those grubby, discount snatching consumers are actual people (even if they are Spiderman or have back boobs).

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