Space Orphans Are ‘Bravest Warriors’ In Pendleton Ward’s New YouTube Cartoon [VIDEO]

Straight out of the mind of brilliant “Adventure Time” creator Pendleton Ward comes a new YouTube cartoon series known only as “Bravest Warriors.” If I discovered that Ward was orphaned as a young boy it wouldn’t really come as much of a surprise to me. As it is with “Adventure Time,” Ward seems to favor a style of cartoon where all adults are pretty much dead. This of course leaves kids to be their own protectors and saviors of planets – in the case of “Bravest Warriors,” the planet Glendale.

Less than a minute into episode one, a young boy basically tells a queen to fuck off then tons of people die. It’s super weird, but this is par for the course with anything Ward does, especially when he doesn’t have to keep things completely G-rated.

Check out episode one of  “Bravest Warrior” below, and stay tuned for (hopefully) future episodes at YouTube channel Cartoon Hangover.



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