Watch This: Take An A To Z Journey Through Classic Video Game History

Filmmaker Evan Seitz just took gaming fandom to the next level. Seitz’s recent Vimeo upload “Alphagames” has a deceptively simple premise: list the English alphabet using game titles to represent each letter. Although A through T seems simple enough, it’s around U that things start getting tricky.

Seitz’s pulls out all the stops in this video throwing in “Oregon Trail” for the letter O and fan favorite “Chrono Trigger” for the letter C. My only beef with “Alphagames” resides in the fact that Seitz used 1987’s “Mega Man” for M instead of the game that soaked collective childhoods in blood – “Mortal Kombat.”

I’m still struggling with X, Y, and Z, but because this is the Internet after all, someone will inevitably fill me in . . . after questioning my sexuality of course.