Watch This: Undead ‘Gangnam Style’ Celebrates ‘Most-Watched’ Title with Christmas Light Show

“Gangnam Style,” the gift that keeps on giving. Because it’s the viral equivalent of a fruitcake: “Honey, just put shiny wrapping paper over it and re-gift it to the neighbors. They’ll love it!” Before you know it, the viral fruitcake has circled the globe and ended up in a dingo-infested cul-de-sac in Melbourne, Australia, where the residents in one house die in the dumbest way possible because they’re the ones that have decided to eat it.

NMR pegged the official death of “Gangnam Style” as having occurred on Oct. 9th. We stand by that claim, which stands true and tall amongst all the other publications that have continued to ignore its mortal death. Little did naïve us at NMR know, however, that “Gangnam Style” would become an unstoppable zombie revived and bolstered through the efforts of thousands of apparent YouTube necromancers that do not respect the idiom “flogging a dead horse.”

Because we last highlighted the “Gangnam” zombie during its awkward Halloween light show stage of life (blame peer pressure), we’re now obligated to show you its Christmas light show stage of life.

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