Web Series ‘Meridian’ Breaks All Barriers With Fourth Wall Studios & Joe Penna

Everyday, we consume endless amounts of television, radio and film. As a society infatuated with entertainment we are always searching for the next breakthrough that will enhance our viewing and listening experiences. Emmy Award-winning transmedia studio Fourth Wall Studios has been working on that breakthrough, the special ingredient that will revolutionize how entertainment is experienced.

Fourth Wall recently won an Emmy for their original web series “Dirty Work,” which incorporated interactive elements like text messages and phone calls that literally broke the fourth wall as viewers watched.

Taking that same recipe of a completely interactive experience, Fourth Wall has teamed up with prolific YouTube creator Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan) on the new original web show “Meridian.”

On what it was like working on his first long-form narrative show, Penna says, “With ‘Meridian’ I finally have a crew with some time and some bit of a budget to be able to bring an idea to life.” The three-part series directed and co-written by Penna follows Jeff (Orlando Jones) as he stumbles across a mysterious cell phone that leads him on a dangerous and mysterious journey.

“Meridian” features Fourth Wall’s proprietary technology hosted on their RIDES platform. RIDES.tv allows viewers to experience a series across multiple screens including browsers, smart phones, and tablets. Syncing your phone or tablet to RIDES allows users to also receive messages and calls to enhance and deepen the shows overall narrative.

“Working with Fourth Wall was really fun because they have some cool technology like the technology that can call your phone or can text you,” Penna said speaking about “Meridian’s” interactive elements. He adds: “It adds to the coolness factors of it. My audience is used to being very engaged and taking that extra step when watching something.”

Founder and CCO of Fourth Wall Studios Elan Lee spoke about combining Penna’s unique narrative-driven style with Fourth Wall’s groundbreaking technology saying: “Over the last decade, the storytellers at Fourth Wall Studios have gotten really good at using technology to tell stories.  In that same time, Joe has gotten really good at making audiences fall in love with a world and a character. Meridian is the result of that chocolate and peanut butter moment.”

With the first episode of “Meridian” on RIDES.tv, Penna is clearly excited about the direction of his first directorial debut. “If I had VFX, if I had a decent DP, if I had a decent camera to shoot with, stuff like that, everyone one of my YouTube videos would be so much more,” Penna says. “With ‘Meridian’ I’m getting a little closer to that step with excellent content that could be on television.”

You can check out the first episode of  “Meridian” over at RIDES.tv with episode 2 dropping on Monday, November 19th.

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