‘What If Adele Was Mrs. Doubtfire’ Tumblr Is Brilliant

What do you get if you blend a little bit of british charm, a couple of Grammy awards and a “hip old granny who can hip-hop, bebop, dance til ya drop and make a wicked cup of cocoa”?

Mrs. Adele Doubtfire of course!

As the most giggly person in the office — I can’t stop giggling once I start; it’s a serious problem — I have recently become the chosen one for Tumblr reporting. Having to sit outside by myself just to get through “RPattz Hates His Life,” I am constantly in a state of comical eruption, masking escaping giggles for coughs. But I ask you, readers, is there anything funnier than Adele Doubtfire setting “fire to the rain” of her shirt and putting it out with a spatula? The answer is no, there is nothing funnier.

The novel Tumblr, “What If Adele Was Mrs. Doubtfire?” takes our favorite scenes from “Mrs. Doubtfire,” slaps Adele’s face onto Robin William’s voluptuous body and creates visual perfection that you’ll never see coming. A little bit disturbing and a little bit brilliant, this Tumblr could just be the perfect way to start every single day of your life. Enjoy!



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