Will ‘Disaster Model’ Meme’s Apology Video Spark A Whole New Meme?

From the “Well, that didn’t take long…” department, NMR brings you Nana Gouvêa’s response to becoming globally disliked.

Gouvêa, who NMR reported on yesterday as the hottest new meme in town, has today come out with a video response on her YouTube channel regarding all the “free press” she has gotten lately. And apparently she’s sorry from “the bottle of my heart.”

A Brazilian model, Gouvêa attracted the ire of the Internet after she posed for photos amidst the destruction of “Hurricane Sandy” and said in an accompanying article that she “liked” the storm. Afterwards, the Internet quickly photoshopped her into every disaster photo they could get their hands on (and there is a lot).

There’s no telling whether the video of her heavily-accented apology will do for Gouvêa what a similar tactic did for “Scumbag Steve,” another douchey meme who was afterwards rechristened “Good Guy Greg.”

The problem is that this video, with its severe edits, seems like Gouvêa continued to make comments she shouldn’t. One particularly awkward one occurs around the 4:06 mark, where she initially apologizes for her bad accent, and then gets cut off as she begins to describe how she’s getting into acting.

Throughout the video, I get the vibe that there is an angry, bald Russian guy waiting to backhand her if she slips up. It’s an uncomfortably long five-minute apology, and it will be interesting to see what the Internet makes of it.

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