YouTube Beauty Guru Accuses Her Father of Rape in New Video, Says ‘You’re a Murderer and a Monster’

Beauty guru Brie Lybrand has taken to her YouTube channel with an incredibly powerful and heart- wrenching message to her most recent YouTube subscriber — her rapist.

Sitting in front of the camera sans makeup and her usual upbeat demeanor, Brie shares with subscribers that her father, Steven Bressler, molested, tortured and raped her from age 4 to 13. Tearful and shaken, Lybrand recounts the horrors of her tortures, remembering nights when she watched her mother lay in a pool of her own blood while trying to defend her children. Pulling out three loaded guns — one for her bedside, one for in her purse, and a pink-handled revolver she calls the “Pink Lady” — Brie makes the strong statement that never will her father touch her again.

Breaking away from her abuse at the age of 13, Lybrand adamantly says: “I’ve grown up to be a great woman andI teach kids everyday that have the innocence that you took from me. I try to give them a better world than what was given to me. And even though I will be forever damaged from what you did to me, you haven’t gotten the best of me.”

Calling her father a murderer and monster, Brie uses her channel to express the words, experiences and torment that many survivors of violence never have the opportunity to share. Ending the video by asking her father to simply unsubscribe, Brie has yet to upload any videos to her channel since it’s release.

If you or someone you know is a survivor of violence and looking for resources and information, visit the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.

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